Recent Projects

Legal Observation for HP

This project description will soon be added. 

  • Person in authority: Hans-Jochen Lückefett

– Impact on Transporter shipments of product sent for repair

This project description will be added soon.

  • Person in authority: Hans-Jochen Lückefett



Book: „Make-New-Again“

 Editor: Fernand J. Weiland



„Remanufacturing and Circular Economy in the IT Industry“, by Klaus Hieronymi

Our Work


Book: „E-Waste Management – From Waste to Resource“

   Editors: Klaus Hieronymi, Ramzy Kahhat and Eric Williams



„Future Development of Product Streams and the Necessary Adaption of Waste Management and the Legislation Ruling it“ – by Hans-Jochen Lückefett

„Electronics Industry Competes for Raw Materials: Will the Scarcity of Natural Resources Become a Showstopper for the Information and Communication Industry?“ – by Klaus Hieronymi