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Klaus Hieronymi

As a geologist and after basic studies of Industrial Management, Klaus worked in several mining-projects on scientific and economical aspects.

After joining HP in 1984, he gained international management experience in various assignments for HP in Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as the Asia/Pacific region. Klaus managed many complex, global projects inside and outside of HP, e.g. as the representative of the European Electronics industry to the Basel Convention. Because of his various activities for HP, he is familiar with decision making processes in large enterprises. Due to his involvement in procurement and sales, he is also well versed in business reality of medium and small companies.

He is a member of various expert workgroups on waste minimization and Circular Economy.

He has been (and still providing) key note speaches at many international conferences about the management of electronic waste and other sustainability topics.

Since a few years, Klaus has turned his focus towards extending the usage time of products as the next stage of Circular Economy. He is convinced that this is crucial for a more sustainable economic and ecologic future of our planet.

Our Team

Hans-Jochen Lueckefett

Lawyer with his own law firm, based in Germany, and guest-professor of SSPU, the Shanghai Second Polytechnic University.
He was a senior official of the state administration Baden-Wuerttemberg for 11 years holding positions in the Ministry of the Interior and the Cabinet Office, before working for Hewlett-Packard in Germany and in Brussels for 15 years, inter alia, as Director for Finance and Administration and as Government Affairs Director Europe.
He is one of the founders and shareholders of 1cc GmbH and predecessors, a consulting and compliance services company. He was one of the company’s managing directors until 2003. After his retirement he is offering research and consultancy services as independent legal consultant.


Academic Adviser

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Prof. Ing. Martin Faulstich

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