Our Vision

Economic benefits are the major drivers for large enterprises, whole sellers and retail as well as for medium and small (independent) companies to move into new markets and business models. Therefore, the team of CER believes that:

„Innovative implementation of Circular Economy, with a focus on the extesion of the product’s lifetime, will provide all stakeholders with significant benefits contributing towards a more sustainable economic and ecologic future.“

In this context, CER GmbH is focusing its research and consulting activities on e.g. answers to the following questions:

  • How to motivate management move to business models to sell the benefits of their products instead of the ‘hardware ‘ ?
  • What kind of business models are providing the various stakeholders and advantage over current practices
  • What are major roadblocks for the various stakeholders ?
  • How to convert a company to change to more circular business models?
  • What’s the impact on balance sheet and stock value when existing companies transfer to a circular business model?
  • What role do repair, refurbishing and remanufacturing play?
  • How can governments encourage and stipulate the implementation of Circular Economy?
  • What kind of legal framework is required?
  • How to fulfill or transform customer’s demands? (e.g. acceptance of remanufactured goods)
  • How to achieve and provide market transparency?
  • How can new technology contribute to prolong the usage time of products? (e.g. 3D Printing)
Our Vision